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. Morelia carinata

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Before I put this extreme rare python species on my homepage at „Expected Offspring`s“ I would like to explain how I came though this species:

The Rough Scale Python Morelia carinata is the rarest python species of Australia, probably the rarest python species of the world. That why he is highly protected and if, only a few Zoos worldwide will get this great species legal from Australia.
My animals came from an Australian smuggler who get caught by the customs at Frankfurt airport.
All animals, a lot of Carpet Pythons and some Rough Scale Pythons, which are now confiscated by the German Government went by the Bundesamt für Naturschutz through some Zoos and me.
All animals are still the property of the German Government and are not allowed to sell, trade or leave my facility (request for these animals are senseless).
All of them had got an ID chip, what makes them easy to identify.
At the moment my five "Roughies" are developing great and if I have offsprings in the future (not before 2013 // 2014) I`m able to offer the babys, because all offsprings get in my property automaticly. Request for my offsprings are welcome.


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