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International and unofficial Python breeder meeting the first

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At the 13.03.2005 we celebrated the first international and unofficial Python breeder meeting at Morelia-spilota.com!!
On photo 2 you can see (from left to right):
Edwin v. d. Poel (Netherland); Lukasz Wysocki (Poland); Marc Mense (Germany); Daniel Wildisien (Swiss); Patrick Kunz (Swiss) and "down" Peter (Netherland).

Edwin is keeping M. bredli, M. s. spilota, M. s. cheynei and Aspidites melanocephalus;

Lukasz is keeping M. s. mcdowelli, M. s. cheynei, "Crossings", M. s. harrisoni, as well as many Lampropeltis species and different Cornsnake variant`s , HP = http://www.snakes.pl;

To me, I think I mustn`t explain anything here...;-);

Daniel is keeping M. s. mcdowelli, M. s. harrisoni, M. s. cheynei, "Crossings", M. viridis and much much more!! HP = http://www.morelia-spilota.ch;

Patrick is keeping different snakes, as well as M. s. cheynei, HP = http://www.schlangenforum.ch;

Peter is keeping Aspidites melanocephalus, A. ramsayi, Heloderma suspectum and H. horridum;


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