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International and unofficial Python breeder meeting- the second

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2. international and unofficial Python breeder meeting takes place in December 2005 ..........

Photo far right:
from left to right = Me and my daughter Marie, then Lukasz Wysocki (Poland) HP = www.snakes.pl, he is keeping and breeding different snakes: Morelia s. mcdowelli, M. s. cheynei, "Crossings" M. s. spilota x M. s. cheynei, Jaguar Teppichpythons and different Lampropeltis and Corn snakes variants, then you see Sandra Falland (Österreich) she and her husband Marco keeps and breeds Morelia s. cheynei, "Crossings", and Varanus timorensis, Mathias Tafelmeier "Mortl" (Bavaria) ;-) he owns M. s. cheynei and M. s. harrisoni, then you see Uwe Wiele he has Morelia bredli, Morelia spilota spilota, M. s. cheynei, M. s. harrisoni as well as Jaguars, different Ball Python morphs (Python regius)and Angolan Pythons (Python anchietae) , Marco Fallander (Östereich)"pls. see S. Fallander", then you see Raphael (Polen) he is breeding rodents, and last but not least my wife Frau Marion.


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